About Us

I am a self-confessed Three Day Monk.  It's a familiar tale – diving headfirst into a project, only to hit the pause button prematurely. I'm sure many of you can relate! 

It will be no surprise to you that a Three Day Monk often gets very little accomplished, which can be incredibly frustrating! Whilst there is no magic potion for beating this syndrome I have discovered my antidote – setting daily goals, no matter how modest, and consistently taking steps toward them. Progress, after all, is a collection of these small victories.

While I may still be a Three Day Monk in some respects,  I wanted to represent myself in these candles and remind myself what it took to get to the finished product…. Hours of testing different wick, scents, pouring temperatures, not to mention deciding on the aesthetics. I hope you enjoy them…..they are made to be lit!