Candle Care

Step 1: Trim the Mane (Wick)

Like a candle at a spa, I need a trim too! Keep my wick trimmed to 1/4 inch – not too short, not too long. It's the Goldilocks principle for candles.

Step 2: Avoid Draft Drama

Place me away from drafts, or I might flicker like a diva in the wind. Let's keep the drama in Eastenders, not on your coffee table.

Step 3: Pool Party Control

I love a good pool party, but not in the wax department! Let me create an even melt pool to avoid tunnelling. It’s the cool thing to do in the candle world.  

Step 4: Don’t Burn the Midnight Oil (Literally)

Even I need beauty sleep! Avoid burning me for more than 4 hours at a time. I’m not a superhero, and even superheroes need a break.

Remember, I'm not just a candle; I'm your waxen companion. Treat me right, and I'll light up your world like a disco ball on a Saturday night. Cheers to a burning good time!