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Cranberry Carnival Candle 30cl

Cranberry Carnival Candle 30cl

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Cranberry Carnival: A Symphony of Scented Delight!

Our cranberry candles are not your average wax magic; they're a fragrance fiesta with a touch of delightful chaos.

Top Notes: Imagine apples, green leaves, and lemons strolling into a candle. It might sound like the beginning of a fruity joke, but there's no punchline – just the fresh and crisp introduction to your new favourite scent.

Heart Notes: The real party begins in the heart notes. Cranberry, grape, peach, rose, and strawberry decide to host a fragrance gala. It's like a dance-off of florals and fruits, and your nose gets a front-row seat.

Base Notes: And now, the grand finale! Musk and fruity undertones linger like the cool crew after the party, ensuring the scent remains even after the candles are extinguished. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Warning: May Cause Unexpected Delight: Light these candles, and suddenly you're in the midst of a cranberry carnival. You might find yourself randomly humming tunes or baking cookies at 9pm. The joy is contagious – consider yourself forewarned!

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