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Festive Cranberry Candle 30cl

Festive Cranberry Candle 30cl

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Festive Cranberry: A Symphony of Scented Shenanigans!

Our festive cranberry candles are not your average wax wizardry; they're more like a fragrance fiesta with a dash of merry mayhem.

Top Notes: Picture this – apples, green leaves, and lemons walk into a candle. Sounds like the start of a fruity joke, right? But no punchline here, just the fresh and crisp introduction to your new favourite scent.

Heart Notes: The heart of the matter is where the real party kicks in. Cranberry, grape, peach, rose, and strawberry decide to host a fragrance gala. It's like a floral and fruity dance-off, and your nose has a front-row seat.

Base Notes: But wait, the grand finale! Musk and fruity undertones stick around like the cool afterparty crew, making sure the scent lingers long after the candles are blown out. It's the scent that keeps on giving!

Warning: May Cause Sudden Festive Cheer: Light these candles, and suddenly you're in the middle of a cranberry carnival. You might find yourself singing carols in July or baking gingerbread cookies in your swimsuit. The festive cheer is contagious – consider yourself warned!

Burn time approx. 35 hours

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