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Three Day Monk

Gingerbread Candle 30cl

Gingerbread Candle 30cl

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Gingerbread: A Scented Symphony of Spice!

Step into a world of aromatic enchantment with our gingerbread candle, where every note is a dance of delightful spices and sweet indulgence.

Top Note: The overture begins with anise, setting the stage for a performance that's both spicy and sophisticated. It's the aromatic prelude that whispers promises of warmth and comfort.

Heart Notes: As the melody unfolds, homemade gingerbread takes the centre stage, accompanied by the graceful twirl of cinnamon. It's like a dance of flavours, reminiscent of cosy kitchens and the joy of freshly baked treats.

Base Notes: And now, the grand finale! Maple syrup, the decadence of cookies, and the timeless comfort of vanilla join the ensemble, creating a crescendo of sweetness that lingers like the aftertaste of the most exquisite dessert.

Caution: May Evoke Cravings for Comfort Baking: Light this candle, and suddenly you're in the heart of a gingerbread gala. You might find yourself donning an apron, reaching for flour, and planning an impromptu baking session. The aroma is irresistibly comforting – consider yourself warned!

Burn time approx. 35 hours

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