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Three Day Monk

Roasted Marshmallow Candle 30cl

Roasted Marshmallow Candle 30cl

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Introducing: Roasted Marshmallow Scented Candle

Description: Are you tired of boring candles that just sit there looking all waxy and uninteresting? Well, get ready to ignite your senses with our Roasted Marshmallow scented candle! It's not just a candle; it's a bonfire of deliciousness for your nose.

Scent Notes: Imagine a world where marshmallows roast themselves over an eternal flame of pure joy. That's the mouth-watering scent we've captured in this candle. Sweet toasted vanilla dances cheek-to-cheek with marshmallow, while creamy sandalwood and caramelized sugar waltz in the background. It's like a marshmallow tango with a hint of sugar symphony – your nose is the dance floor.

Candle Personality: This candle doesn't just light up a room; it throws a full-blown marshmallow party. If candles could sing, this one would be belting out campfire songs and cracking marshmallow-themed jokes. Get ready for your living room to become the hottest spot in town (literally, it smells that good).

Sustainability Level: Like all Three Day Monk candles, this one is not just a pretty face (or scent). We've gone green with a sustainable plant-based wax made from a coconut and rapeseed oil blend. It's so eco-friendly that even Mother Nature gives it a high-five. Burn it guilt-free, and let the aroma of sustainability fill your space.

Warning: May Cause Sudden Marshmallow Cravings Side effects may include spontaneous campfire sing-alongs, intense nostalgia for summer nights, and an uncontrollable urge to make s'mores. If cravings persist, blame it on the candle – we warned you. 

Burn time approx. 35 hours

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