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'Spooktacular' Eternal Ember Candle 30cl

'Spooktacular' Eternal Ember Candle 30cl

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Behold: "Eternal Ember" Fireside Scented Halloween Candle

Dare to step into the mysterious and enchanting world of "Eternal Ember" – our fireside-scented Halloween candle that's more spellbinding than a black cat under a full moon. Encased in a limited edition etched glass adorned with a cute ghost, this candle doesn't just light up the dark; it casts an eerie glow of cosiness.

Scent Notes: Close your eyes and imagine the crackle of a haunted bonfire. "Eternal Ember" captures the essence of crisp bergamot, warmed by floral spice, all settling onto a comforting base of woods. It's like the warm embrace of a ghostly fire on a chilling October night. This fragrance doesn't just scent your room; it wraps you in a cloak of Halloween magic.

Candle Personality: This isn't your ordinary candle – it's a potion of warmth and mystery. Light it, and you might just summon the spirits of cosy evenings past. The cute ghost on the etched glass? It's not just there for show; it's the guardian of the Halloween spirit, ensuring your nights are filled with spooktacular ambience.

Limited Edition Elegance: The etched glass container isn't just spooky; it's a masterpiece. A cute ghost floats across the glass, creating shadows that'll have you questioning if it's here for the Halloween enchantment or just looking for a friendly haunt. 

Sustainability Level: Witch-Approved Just because it's Halloween doesn't mean we're not eco-conscious. Our wax is a magical blend of coconut and rapeseed oils, making it a sustainable choice for both mortals and witches alike. Burn it with the confidence that Mother Earth would give you a high-five if she had hands.

Warning: May Cause Spontaneous Ghost Stories This candle isn't responsible for any unexpected appearances by friendly ghosts or the sudden desire to tell spooky tales. Keep a flashlight handy, just in case you need to check under the bed for things that go bump in the night. Happy haunting!

Burn time approx. 35 hours

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